Tom Ploszaj - 2017 Special Election - NH Representative Grafton #9

To my neighbors, friends and residents of Grafton House District 9.
Thank you for your previous support in the 2010/2012 Democrat primaries.

I have entered the Grafton #9 Special Election for NH Representative that has been scheduled to fill the seat left when Jeff Shackett resigned. Jeff Shackett and Bob Hull had been elected to represent Grafton District #9.

Though I agree that the district would be better served having two representatives I do not agree that a Special Election with the added expense was necessary.
Now that the election is scheduled what I believe is necessary is Grafton #9 having a vote that represents the district and not the historical party line voting.

My campaign is to ask the voters to elect the person who will best serve the ideas and views of the voters and our district, not a political party.

All too many times a candidate wins because of trending politics, popularity / name recognition or they ran the race by the book using rhetoric, emotional and scare tactics.
As an analytical scientist my campaigning will be different as I see myself and other candidates equally capable of representing the constituents.

I am the candidate who would give the people the chance to have their issues and concerns heard in Concord, the person who represents the constituents, not party agendas. As a registered Democrat since 1972, I like many voters, have witness how candidates' promise to represent the voters withers under pressure only to vote party lines.

I would like the opportunity to represent the residents of Grafton #9. To have their views and ideas be heard in the NH House. I pledge not to add to the political rhetoric and character attacks that both parties use to sway voters emotions to gain party power. This election is a chance for the voter to decide if the district would be better served by one who represents the residents.

— Tom Ploszaj