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The coming two years are unknown and may test us but let's go forth together and understand what has been said. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you... John 14:27

I will attempt to utilize this site to inform Belknap 1 Residents of any pertinent issues and sincere questions I receive that may be of interest to all Belknap 1 Residents.

When meeting with Residents during the Election, I encourage Them to Research the Candidates and learn who We are, go back a Decade to see who we are and what the Candidates Posted before Running.

There are many Polls and Surveys in which I have answered Questions and Issues along with Updating this Site as interactions with Voters bring forth Concerns that all Voters should be aware of.

I am Interested in Learning the Needs and Activity in the Lakes Region. I Encourage Residents of Organizations, Charities, Associations, and Groups to inform them, their family and neighbors to Contact me and Provide their Data and Information by Email, Web Links, or Phone.

It Is A WASTE of our Donations when Organizations routinely Mail Literature and an Unnecessary Use of Resources and may Imply they are not in need of Funding.

Thank You in Advance for Your Correspondence and that of Your Neighbors

November 27, 2021
Please Contact me on your issues, I am available for questions or clarifications of these and any other questions.
This is an update to questions from voters about the possible loss of their employment
of people who have been arrested having different opinions than their Republican and Democrat Leaders including two of the NH Political Parties Leaderships.

In response to the Federal Mandate Vaccination for employees
the Arrest of Citizens in Attendance at the October 13th Executive Council meeting

The Belknap County Republican Committee not being in agreement with Gov. Sununu positions, discussed and voted on two Motions:

Federal Vaccine Mandate Resolution:

Belknap County Republican Committee
The following motion was unanimously adopted by the General Members of the Belknap County Republican Committee, at their meeting on November 10, 2021, in Gilford, New Hampshire:

“We, the members of the Belknap County Republican Committee, find Federal vaccine mandates to be a threat to and a violation of our State sovereignty, personal sovereignty and personal livelihoods as protected under Article 7 of the New Hampshire State Constitution. As Governor Sununu has publicly stated that he does not agree with these mandates, we request that he call a special legislative session to further address this threat and violation, as called for in Article 31 of the New Hampshire State Constitution.”

Belknap County Republican Committee
November 10, 2021


Moved, that the Members of the Belknap County Republican Committee urge Executive Councilor Joe Kenney to call for an investigation, preferably by an independent third party named by the Executive Council, into unresolved troubling questions related to actions taken by the New Hampshire State Police at the October 13, 2021 meeting of the Executive Council. We desire that the investigation shall query as to why certain members of the public attending the meeting were arrested; who determined why and on what basis(es) these persons were arrested; whether or not charges have yet been filed against persons arrested; what the charges are, if so filed; and, the involvement at any point prior to, during or after the meeting by the Governor; that the investigatory report shall be presented to the Executive Council within thirty (30) days; and, that unless otherwise prohibited by law, make a full report to the people of New Hampshire that includes the full written report of the investigating person(s).

MOTION upon passage of the previous motion (above)

The County Chairman is directed to transmit this motion to Executive Councilor Joe Kenney, as soon as is practicably possible.

November 15, 2021
The Belknap County Delegation will not vote Tuesday Nov. 16th on the Removal of Gunstock Area Commissioners
The Nov. 16th meeting will be held to attend to new business

November 14, 2021
November 16th Belknap Delegation Meeting - to Hear "Removal for Cause" of Gunstock Commissioners

I have taken a long time to look into, attempt to understand, and come to a decision of the issues emanating from the Gunstock Area Commission

in summary;
The Gunstock enabling statutes for removal for cause:
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened: ...
399:4 Appointive Agency. The county convention for the county of Belknap, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “appointive agency”, shall, acting as a body, appoint the members of the commission. Not more than two of the members of the commission shall be residents of the same municipality. At least one member shall be an experienced skier and at least one member shall be experienced in the field of finance, banking, or accounting. The term of office of each member shall be five years, except that initially, one member shall be appointed for a term of five years, one member for a term of four years, one member for a term of three years, one member for a term of two years, and one member for a term of one year. Thereafter, appointments shall be made for five years. Each member shall continue in office until his successor has been appointed and qualified, and each member shall be subject to removal for cause by the appointive agency after public hearing. ...

That said,
When the three Gunstock Commissioners first asked the County Delegation to remove a Member of the Commission with only hearsay, which in my opinion, did not meet the statute 399:4 remove for cause requirement, I voted not to remove Commissioner Ness. Their request for removal caused some members of the Belknap Delegation to ask questions which opened "this can of worms" which I believe those three Commissioners are now trying to close back up.

Best that I can suggest to our Neighbors and the rest of the County Residents is to look into who is putting out misinformation, political and personal attacks against the Belknap Delegation, the reason to accuse a Member whose career of practicing law suggesting he can not understand the law nor his obligation as a Commissioner, why the Gunstock Commissioners would not provide the information when requested, forced a 91-a request which they then refused the information, or a reason they will not provide information to the Taxpayers' elected Representatives, and make an absurd claim about selling the Gunstock Resort Area?

I post this update in that at this time I am planning to Not Vote for Removal because in essence, I believe like the Gunstock Commission failure to provide documentation, the Belknap County Delegation has not yet acquired the documentation I need.
I await to hear testimony presented or documentation received from both sides to see if there is any verification for a 399:4 removal for cause.
Minus the political rhetoric and scare tactics designed to rile up citizens, I am hopeful, that taxpayers would agree that the Belknap County Delegates who appoints the Commissioners can ask that the Commission for information and it would be provided about the taxpayers Gunstock property.

If any documentation is provided I plan to review it and vote accordingly as the taxpayer's fiduciary in an attempt to protect the Gunstock operation, its employees, and the area businesses.

My removal vote will be on the substance and strength of the charges concerning the operation of GAC, not the GAC attacks against the delegation or myself, not for the ideals of Delegation Members, even though I agree with many, not from the letters of regurgitation of misinformation, but from the people who contacted me with an interest and desire to understand the complexity of the issue without the emotional bias that appears to cloud the Cognitive Processes of many, and what is Best at this time for the our County asset.

If I made an error in any statement please reach out with documentation so I can make any needed corrections.
Also please provide any missed items of importance to be confirmed.

November 1, 2021
October 13, 2021 Arrests

In reply to those who contacted me asking about the Executive Council Meeting arrests. I am disappointed in the NH Political Parties lack of concern about people sitting peacefully in their chairs being arrested. One resident from our district was present having a completely different perspective from that of our Political leadership who appears to have little concern and no interest in possible political intimidation or violation of citizen's constitutional rights.

OCTOBER 31, 2021
Haunted Halloween Walk

I visited the Center Harbor Halloween event on Rt 3 near Rt 25 enjoying the chats and parents and kids enjoying a safe and fun Halloween.

OCTOBER 18, 2021
Bridge Dedication

I am reaching out to the NHDOT on a request from the The Waukewan and Winona Watershed Protective Association (WWWPA) which would like to dedicate the bridge on Winona Road at the boat launch area in the memory of David Reilly.

David Reilly was a founding member and Co-Chair of the Waukewan and Winona Watershed Protective Association (WWWPA). He was a long time resident of Center Harbor, New Hampshire on Lake Winona. He served on the Center Harbor Planning Board and was very active in the Center Harbor Heritage Commission. He served as President of the Lake Winona Improvement Association. He also supported the Loon Preservation Committee and the Lakes Region Conservation Trust. He was devoted to preserving the environment and the beauty of the lakes region and it’s watershed.

Center Harbor has also honored the memory of Dave. Dave Reilly Menorial...

Qualified Immunity
I am waiting to observe how the Political Parties handle any possible over reach of the government using state police, protected by Qualified Immunity, to intimidate, abuse, and arrests citizens peacefully assembled. I tend to side with facts and common sense which have also appears to have been in sync with the residents and our town's elected officials who have been contacting me on their issues and concerns about Qualified Immunity so I voted with the district, the town officers, and police against my own beliefs. The out come of October 13th may suggest another look at future legislation on this issue.

Political Parties or Constitutional Rights ?
I have witness, since being elected to represent ALL the residents of our towns, the Political Parties' Propaganda Machines in action. I have for the most part removed myself from their rhetoric. I have witness enough times to realize that too many legislators make decisions, statements and based on trending polls not to stand against their party leaders who use government over reach and oppression of Citizens' Constitutional Rights. Both Parties expect their party members to follow in-step so to be in the majority while putting the rights of New Hampshire citizens second. I am now convinced that one party is definitely in lock step with their national party leadership while both parties protect their political power instead of protecting citizens rights or listening to their instructions.
I had run my 2020 campaign by asking the voters to research and choose the candidate who would represent them best.
With that thought, I'm comprehending of how to remove myself further from party mud-throwing and so I can more effectively keep Fighting for Citizens' Constitutional Rights.
Someday, NH Political Parties will need to place Peaceful, Responsible Citizens First, before Businesses, Unions, and Government Entities. From my perspective, voters are controlled by propaganda as each refuses to call out their own party's over reach to maintain their control ever fleeting control of New Hampshire.
I hope to hear from Belknap 1 voters if they would prefer in 2022, a Party Candidate who is expected to follow leadership, a Candidate who may be at odds with their Party, or an Undeclared Candidate who will, like I have done my first year, to answer only to and fight for our district citizens.
Again, I thank those who reached out to me and encourage All Residents To Contact Me On Any Issue .... I Can Not Effectively Represent Our District Without Residents' Input.

OCTOBER 17, 2021
Arrests of the Public Attending NH Executive Council Meeting
- I would like to reply regarding the contacts, comments, and information I received from voters about this incident -
- If any New Hampton or Center Harbor Residents were in Attendance at the Meeting Please Contact Me -
I was aware of the Wednesday, October 13th NH Executive Council meeting. I had heard that Wednesday evening about Peaceful Persons arrested for Exercising their U.S. 1st Amendment Rights of Peaceful Assembly and Redress of Grievances and their N.H. Article 32 Right of Assembly. Since then I have reviewed Videos of those Arrested. As of today I have not heard from the NH Governor's office of why the NH State Police arrested certain Members of the Public.
There are Videos and Blogs of what happened about the incident and planned events happening behind the room divider.
There is discussions about government over reach and that of the Governor and an investigation of Possible Impeachment of Governor Sununu.

OCTOBER 12, 2021

A concern out of Carroll County from R.H. and A.A. about increasing the speed limit on Lake Winnipesaukee - LSR 2033.
They sited that among others a group, WinnFABS (Winnipesaukee Family Alliance for Boating Safety), had spoken in 2011 before the House Transportation Committee about the Lake's speed limits.
Reach out, I wish to hear more information and what is best for our Lake and its boaters.

OCTOBER 8, 2021
I have endorsed a NH candidate for Congress. New Hampshire Web Links ...

OCTOBER 4, 2021

I encourage Inhabitants to reach out to their Elective Officials and express their Views and Requests of how to be Govern.
- Contact Me with Your Opinions and Concerns. I can Best Serve our District Only with Citizen's Input -

The NH House 2022 proposed Legislation Titles can be found at New Hampshire Legislative Service Requests ...

Since last month, it appears that the COVID , jobs/employment, and education issues have changed possibly due to Federal over-reach, national organizations, the influx of millions? of political dollars along with propaganda in the efficient use of Main Stream Media to incite the inhabitants of New Hampshire and our district.

Regarding interaction with the district’s inhabitants, I will soon attempt to offer my thoughts on some of what is happening presently as I continue to attend, listen, and research issues, concerns and topics.

legislation to nullify Federal over-reaches

Secession: to offer NH inhabitants decide if they wish to transition from being an independent sovereign state within the US Federation or an independent sovereign nation.

Abortion: the debate over the definition of women health and abortion and when do human rights begin

COVID-19 mandates:
rights of healthy persons, business and government control of health and medical treatment of employees and customers

Qualified immunity:
public employees receiving preferential treatment for misconduct

Inter-Lakes School Board Meeting August 10, 2021
My Public Input at the Aug. 10th Inter-Lakes School Board Meeting


Thank you for the Public Input opportunity to address the Inter-Lakes School Board meeting.

I am Tom Ploszaj 137 Daniel Webster Hwy, Center Harbor.
I am the Center Harbor and New Hampton residents’ Representative for their Belknap District 1 Seat in the NH House of Representatives.

I would like to thank the school board members, the superintendent and their staff for the work and service they provide to our communities.

During my seven months as a public servant I interacted with residents, select boards, County administration, police and fire chiefs. That said, I would like to also interact with the school boards on legislation and concerns so we all can continue our quest at coming to good decisions or correct those that may be flawed.

I was in attendance at the board’s June 15th meeting when the board made informed decisions, among them; the types on mini buses, contacting roofing contractors for advice and for guidance from the New Hampshire Dept. of Health and Human Services.

At that meeting the Inter-Lakes School Board, which represents the residents of Center Harbor, voted to send the NH House of Representatives a letter of record in opposition to the language that amended RSA 354-A and RSA 193 that prevents discrimination.

I will quote from the amended RSAs language to which Gov. Sununu signed into law that prevents the teaching, advocating, or advancing :
“ ... that people of one age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, marital status, familial status, mental or physical disability, religion, or national origin are inherently superior or inferior to people of another … that an individual, … is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously; … that an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment … or that people … cannot and should not attempt to treat others equally …”

Though, I believe it is the citizens responsibility to support or challenge the actions of their public servants I can only hope in the near future the board is able to find time to re-visit their letter, compare it’s concerns to the final RSAs in question and take any appropriate action that may be warranted to address the public concerns which brought me here again.

I will forward my public input to the school board members’ email along with a link to NH General Court website in regards to HB2 which contained the language amendments made to he RSAs and information used for my public comment.
Final edit: Aug. 10, 2021

JUNE 2021 Waukewan Watershed Advisory Committee is looking for a Representative from Center Harbor and New Hampton to Join

- LATEST DISCUSSIONS AND REPLIES - [ See Tom's Views - Issues - Links... For My Voting, as to Where I Presently Stand on Issues, and My Views ]

Thank You for Your Letters and Emails on the Issues before the House. Please Consider Contacting me on a Bill as soon as it is Introduced to give Both of Us time to Get the Legislation correct.
Please contact me if you have not received my reply.
All constituents' letters with an email or a reply request receive a reply and I attempt to reply to all constituents' emails.

JUNE 26 2021

The 2021 NH House Session is over. It will meet again in Jan. 2022.
In September '21 I will be back in committee reviewing the retained bills of the Science Technology and Energy Committee.

Now that the House Session on June 24th over, I would like to Restate and add to my Encouragement in that our Residents should consider to Contact their legislators Early about Issues and Concerns, try to avoid cutting and pasting the agendas, slogans, talking points and propaganda of political and policy organizations.

To those who had contacted me and to those would will be; I listened, explained my thoughts, and learned from the rebuttals. I pray that we both now understand the issues, meaning of legislative language, and the other's positions better.
This had been displayed previously when I discussed my views and plans about past legislation and just recently these weeks during our discussions about my plans to Abstain on voting on the Budget Bill HB2.
I am proud that I politely refuse all reasoning of how to Vote on HB2 from organizations and Political Party .

It was the Back and Forth with our Residents, their reasoning, the purpose of government, the duty of our representatives to listen to the constituents, and make the decision best for the whole of District and State. With that, I am also proud of the discourse and articulation of our residents in that I change my decision and in Good Conscious Voted YES in support of what was Best for our District.

New Hampshire House Budget Vote - Thursday Jun. 24

JUNE 24 2021

Good Morning Belknap 1.
Today's House Session will begin at 10AM. I Believe our Governments had been Instituted to: - PROTECT LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY.
To that End they have been Corrupted over the Centuries. The last few Day I reviewed how the NH House's Budget Bill intent and its Hijacking had apparently been premeditated once it left the House by some for their own Political Ambitions.

As I had mentioned previously of not Voting and to Abstain on HB2 as to not be part of a corrupted process. Saying that, my thoughts and prayers were bringing me back to; if We were not in the Game there was no Chance of Winning nor would I have Been doing the Job You had sent me to do - PROTECT LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY. This HB2 bill does that in all of those THREE ways, maybe with the exception of the Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI).

Because of these reasons and the important revelation in that the NH House legislators had worked diligently this last week to attempt in repairing the damaged done to HB2 once it left the NH House,
I will Vote YES in support of the HB2 Budget Bill

JUNE 23 2021
June 23rd - HB2 Morning Update
HB2 is becoming the second bill of major concern right after the (RTW) Right to Work Bill SB61. Emails and calls from Residents and Organizations regarding HB2 have been of three concerns; vote YES and pass the good legislation, vote NO against a politician/party's ego/corruption, questions on what is in HB..
The emails are similar to the RTW discussions where the information are motivated by political rhetoric, agendas, and not understanding the nuances of these bills.
The calls and emails basically asks; to just Vote YES and accept the bad parts (Hold My Nose) to get the good legislation, and to Vote NO because it is a Republican bill or Vote NO to fight against the dirty politics which took over HB2.
The big issue which was rarely mention was how the Senate working with the Governor hijacked the Governor's Emergency Powers. Under Color of Law, the Senate corrupted and changed the language to allow a Governor almost card blanche discretionary powers in effect eliminating the legislature and body politic from any say of one person control of the state.
Thank you to those who had contacted me.
For a last chance to speak with me. Tonight June 23rd, I will be available at The Lakes Region TEA Party, 7:00 PM Moultonborough Fire Rescue Station,1035 Whittier Hwy (Route 25), Moultonborough, NH
before 7 AM Tomorrow June 24th at which time I will leave for the House Session and decide our Vote.

My personal understanding of what had happened with HB2 especially giving more Emergency Powers to a Governor would lead me to Vote NO and kill HB2.
Republicans and Democrats loyalists expect me to blindly vote Party line.
Residents responses are divided.
My Votes are Votes I believe is for the betterment of our District and State.
Voting YES will provide some good and some bad legislation and and would be misconstrued as support for the Party establishment.
Voting NO would be to refuse to go along with what I see and as an usurpation of HB2 of a system corrupted resulting in repercussions being worst than Voting Yes to "Go Along ".
This brings us back to my conundrum of June 22nd where Voting NO as some Conservatives and Constitutionals will to take an ideological stand against the corruption with HB2 or Voting YES with those willing to swallow the bad to get some good legislation or their agenda's legislation passed.
My Vote for the District is not to get involved with the way HB2 was devised to benefit a few taking their offing of "30 pieces of silver" to pass the bill nor will I vote only on an ideological position I have an affinity for but nothing to offer in place of the proposed HB2.
At This Time I Still Believe That Refusing To Cast My Vote Is The Honest Response - I Plan To Abstain as I review all options and take advise of our residents of how a vote can benefit our district.

JUNE 23 2021
Well Voters, What Did We Learned Today?
I spent the day reading the HB2 Text which the House passed and sent on to the Senate and compared it to the Text of the Rewritten HB2 which the House will vote on June 24nd.
Twenty four hours later I am now finding it very difficult to vote YES to what was done to the House's HB2 intent. 
The intent to restrain a Governor's Emergency powers was changed to giving Governors greater power and extending the length of time for continuing emergency orders along with removing the people's voice via the Legislature of oversight and extent of such Emergency Orders.
The prohibition against abortions after twenty four weeks of gestation has no reporting requirements for auditing the abortions performed, who or where the funding comes from and quality of examinations.

Paid Family Leave Insurance was added to HB2 limited only to public employees and companies with a large workforce which may be the beginning of a State Income Tax.
I am reviewing the latest HB2 as a change of the intent of the HB2 which was passed by the House.
The tax cuts and Freedom Education Account remained.
I will need to decide, as Belknap 1 Representative, if I should look the other way on the changes that benefits certain persons and changes the intent of what the House had represent what I believe is best for the District and not to just go along with what a Political Party wishes and expects I should do because of some goodies that are in the HB2 and over look all the changes they made which may affect our residents and their families.

I will attempt to reach out and discuss this further as I do not see how the changes overall benefit Belknap 1 residents. The House had sent a Republican Bill to the Senate in return the Senate sent back a Governor's Bill negating many of the House's important items. Will I be a obedient Republican or a fair and open Representative for the betterment of my district? I need to understand further the back room politics involved in these changes. The political propaganda is starting up to make sure the House quickly pass HB2.
Tonight I do not Believe I able to support this Version of HB2.

JUNE 22 2021 Good day and Thank You for Your Emails and especially those few phone calls. I pray that after our Conversations most of us have thought through our Reasoning. I would like to, as a First Time Legislator, share with the Rest of our District My Viewpoint and discussions of what is Happening with the Budget Bills for 2022-2023.

NH House Budget Bills HB1 and HB2

HB 1 Link...
HB 2 Link...

I am in Support of HB1 (the fiscal part).
I will Not vote against HB2 (the bill containing legislation which would not pass on its own merit) but I have not yet decided if I will vote in favor and pass the good tax breaks and the many other legislation contained in it which may be loss if HB2 does not pass.
I had Pledged to You in my Campaign to Attend every Session. I will Attend but may not vote on HB2 due to My Promise to stay removed from the NH Party's Rhetoric to which I believe HB2 portrays.
HB2 is one of the Examples of how Political Parties make Legislation to promote a Political Agenda over what may best for New Hampshire and You! The Political Parties then try to sell the parts placed in the bill to legislators so the bad or unenforceable " Feel Good" Legislation can be passed.

Resident's emotions, beliefs and personal agendas had historically been used against them to support or oppose legislation. DO REALIZE, very good Constitutional and Conservative Legislation for both New Hampshire and its Residents have been killed because it was bad for Political Parties and their future elections. As, I believe, in my conversations about HB2 very few residents admit they reviewed and researched bills and that they mostly react emotionally to the political rhetoric or propaganda the medial feeds them.

My Understanding of the complex and ever changing Budget Bill HB2, is that two parts of the NH government, had together manipulated HB2 for their own Political agendas and aspirations in setting up the Constitutional and Conservative Legislators, who are calling out the " OLD BACK DOOR POLITICS" which residents have consistently complained about coming out of our Governments, as the fall guys if the HB2 fails.

My understanding is that both Parties recognize that HB2 is NOT a Bi-partisanship bill, nor is it even a Republican Compromise Bill and are using that recognition to advance their Party's powers. To this Freshman State Rep. it is little more than the NH Republican Party Establishment version of how the Democrat Party also uses budget bills in attempts to be re-elected. There are many good things in HB2 dealing with tax breaks, protecting freedoms and saving lives along with the fiscal, conservative view which I believe in and are being used as selling points for me to support HB2.
My conundrum is the need to be reassured that my YES vote on HB2 will not be part of the continuing Back Door Political Deals!
NH Residents aught to contact their affiliated Party to advance the NH Families and Lifestyle and cease Party attempts to use legislation for political power.

I Promised I would represent our District, there are good Conservative and Fiscal parts along with the continued watered-down, unenforceable, Feel Good, waste of time legislation which will have to be reworked many times over to be fair and responsive to the majority of New Hampshire residents.

I will not vote YES or NO to advance any Political Party nor any legislator's future elections.

I Encourage Center Harbor & New Hampton Residents to Contact Me About Their Concerns on HB2 Before 11PM Wed June 23rd

May 7, 2021 My Position on SB155
SB155 AN ACT codifying provisions included in select emergency orders issued by the governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for the emails and calls for a Ban On " Vaccination Passports".
I am Opposed to Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.
I Against "Vaccination Passports" and I Support an Amendment to prohibit such documentation.
I am against mandatory mask wearing by both the state and businesses

Lately, many of the Emails and Letters were Concerns about the
Right To Work Bill, SB61 - Prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join a labor union.

Some of my Replies to 4/7-5/1 correspondence including - Denise, Sarah, J.E.(emails) Alan, David, Tracy (letters)

Tom: Reviewing SB61, the information, and facts of what this legislation will provide had help in deciding to Vote in Support of SB61.

As a former member of United Steelworkers Local 2321 and UAW Local 626, I looked into what I understood was best for NH workers and in helping to encourage quality employment in New Hampshire.

I spoke with union leaders, union and non-union workers, county administrators, and business owners.

I discovered that the different ideologies' bias and national politics controlled most of the narrative of what was best for the worker, their family, and New Hampshire's future.

In my research and questioning I understood:
that SB61 is legislation for NH workers. It is not anti-union nor pro-business legislation.
that the Janus vs. AFSCME case, where NH public employees already had the choice whether or not to pay union dues and that union leader mentioned in testimony that the Janus decision did not impact NH unions
that to my surprise small to medium business owners offered reasons to either opposed or supported SB61
that not one large business offered an opinion on SB61
that union members were passionately opposed to SB61, wish they had this legislation to help them when they re-organized with another union, or were unconcern with SB61
that no union member wanted to stop paying dues or leave their union or negotiate with an employer
that the unions worked delinquently in expressing their concerns for workers and about SB61
that an employee still can join a union and pay dues
that neither political party was actually worried about the worker. That members of both sides fed me their ideology to my questions, not the facts of what SB61 will try to do to benefit both union and non-union workers
that my support of SB61 to provide most workers positive benefits would be viewed as both anti-labor/pro-big business or pro-union/anti-choice/ anti-growth

As a former member of the United Steelworkers Local 2321 and UAW Local 626 I did research on the SB61. I did not see a threat to unionized workers or those who wish to unionize.
I recognize that there may be a loss of future union dues received by unions but SB61 can help union members, who are disgruntled or marginalize by their present union representation, to leverage for better, responsive representation, or to change their union affiliation.

I have had unions reach out to their members in my district to contact me and those who had contacted me, we exchange our beliefs of what the text and legislation actually say.

I have asked our residents if they occur any negative consequences related to SB61 legislation, if passed, be documented and brought to my attention to fix by amending or if needed repealing the RSA.

Unlike political parties or party candidates, I will do my best not too beholden to union organizations nor to corporations but to the workers and sole proprietors. I believe I heard from the union orgs., the business/corporations, and party candidates' promises just to get elected or support their agendas.

I encourage all to share my reply with your union so they can let other unions know that tough I am supporting SB61, I recognize that if I am mistaken or that this legislation did not provide for better worker involvement with their employment, to present me with documentation so that I can address any negative concerns that may be of the result of this legislation.

Again, thanks for your correspondence.

April 26,2021

The Social Debate on Mask Effectiveness will continue after the Governor's removal of the Mask Mandate.

UPDATE I have Reviewed my Nov. 2020 Decision of wearing a Face Covering in Public.

I have Suspended my Self Imposed wearing of Face Coverings

I have reviewed among others; the NH COVID data, the infection rate and fatalities, MIT distance study, and witnessing the emotional hysteria of fear of death due to a belief that contacting COVID is a death sentence

I believe that asymptomatic persons have the right to make their own choices and live a normal life.

The mask mandate has been decided as not being a Constitutional infringement but now appears is becoming a civil rights violation.
The wearing of a face covering and social distancing have not been proven effective. The possibility of contracting other ailments due to contaminated masks and the environmental impact from discarded masks is more detrimental to NH residents than my suspension of wearing a face covering.
In my attempt to lessen any further emotional distress among some mask wears I had observed that many were less concerned about the NH lives lost or even to tabulate those lost so as to protect the rights of the killers than they were about the COVID agenda.
I ran on Promising to Represent the District and put the Residents' concerns first and will continue to do so. I now understand and believe that if a decree was to end all mask-wearing, most of that population would follow the new orders thus it is not the residents' beliefs but an agenda they propagated for others
I will continue to follow, respond in kind, and make updates of any change in the overall health data of our district and state.

Electrician (Belknap 1)Mar. 8, 2021
"Good Morning Tom. I hope all is well with you ... I am writing about SB58 which has passed the subcommittee in the Senate. I am opposed to this bill do to the fact it is requiring not only a back ground check but finger printing to become a Licensed electrician here in the State of N.H. ..."
Tom: This email request was another learning lesson for me.
Senate bill SB58 which started as a routine bill submitted to amend some mundane items in a few of existing NH RSAs (statutes). I had previously reviewed this bill among the many others as they were being introduced. I saw nothing controversial about SB58 on Jan. 2021 and definitely nothing about mandatory fingerprinting to get an electrician's license. Unbeknownst to me, later on March 4th an amendment was introduced, debated and added to SB58 to include the criminal background check that would have completely changed the existing statute. I researched and found what had happened to the bill and it being in a Senate committee, I contacted Sen. Giuda who immediately worked towards, and helped to convince the committee to remove the possibly un-constitutional, and offending parts before the bill got to the House for a vote.
The short story is that I now realize that I will need to continually monitor and review many of the almost 900 bills which could be changed from that first proposed "Good Sounding Bill Title" into just the opposite.
This one was caught by our neighbor, brought to my attention, and corrected by our Senator so not to infringe on our trade professionals (especially through the eyes of electricians).

Jack (Belknap 1) Feb. 23, 2021 In Support of an US Constitution Article V Convention of States for a Balance Federal Budget

Our "... Founders gave state legislatures the power to act as a final check on abuses of power by Washington, DC. Article V of the US Constitution authorizes the state legislatures to call a convention for proposing needed amendments to the Constitution.
Citizens for Self-Governance has launched the Convention of States Project to call an Article V convention to propose only amendments that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.

Tom: Hello Jack,
Though I am in favor of an Article V Con. of States (COS).
In research I have received information and from a former NH State Rep., a well know Constitutional, knowledgeable on the Constitutions. He had confirmed that there is a NH House resolution from about 16 years ago in support for an Article V Constitutional Convention.
I will be voting to not pass HCR 1 for an Article V Constitutional Convention

To vote for another resolution that is considered inferior to the existing resolution may cause difficulties.
I would suggest pro Article V persons to investigate how best to implement a New Hampshire COS resolution.
COS - Girard at Large...
IndepthNH Constitutional Conventions...

Latest Attacks on New Hampshire Liberties & Freedoms and the infringement of NH Constitutional rights

My response to hate and the ridiculous; Letter To The Editor, Laconia Daily Sun LTE Jan. 11, 2021 Belknap County Delegation...

I am glad I have spoken with so many Center Harbor & New Hampton residents who heard and understood that I am a man of peace and that I nor my campaign would get involved in these types of political rhetoric. "... It is time for reasonable, pragmatic, and patriotic Belknap County citizens to stand up ... " and renounce this type of political rhetoric made to incite hate and division in our towns as they have managed to do nation-wide and even in New Hampshire.

I have wondered how long the anti-constitution provocateurs would take to get around to politically attacking me. They have presently been attacking many NH residents from Legislators, Police Chiefs, business owners and the public for having any viewpoint which is not approved by them. My readers may want to ask, when will their family members be next on the attack list.

During the Jan. 6th NH House session in the UNH parking lot I had vote ("NAY") down the NH Democrat's many proposed rules and amendments which were embarrassing and degrading to the NH House membership with the Orwellian attempts to imply; that there is a hostile and unsafe environment with sexual harassment, wrongspeak, thought crimes, racism, alcohol, illegal drugs, dangerous weapons, and to micro manage committee chairs, impose time limits on public testimony, implement re-education classes, and allowed to abstain from votes.

During the House session, isolated in the car listening to session on the FM radio, since I do not own a cell phone. I had numerous times voted against the previously mentioned insulting rules and amendments. Towards the end of the session another motion was made to suspend the rules which appeared to be an attempt to once again try to propose another amendment to embarrass the NH House, this time about implied violence in Concord at the NH State House which I did not understood and confused me thus I voted NAY once again this time to not to suspend the rules we have just voted on to hear more information. As Belknap 1 Rep., I will only vote on items that have been discussed and debated, not on emotional based items with no facts nor information. I still believe that when suspension to the rules are called it will be after a presentation of what and why with discussion before hand.

I have met many persons who do condone and legislate for violence to the unborn human but I digress. Back to the topic of voting on submissions of last minute items for emotional, a play for power, or to force an agenda, I will try not to be part of. I do not believe I will ever "chicken out" and abstain on a roll call and will vote NAY on items which had no advanced information such as Congress does to pass bills that are repugnant to our Constitution.

When the NH House was recessed and before leaving the parking lot I got out of the car and spoke with House members who informed me what had happened at the US Capital which they were following on their cell phones and that rule #11 was actually condemning the violence in DC.
Afterward I discovered there were at least four other representatives who also misunderstood what the suspension was in reference to or did not have enough information about the and voted against it.

I am against the breaching the US Capital which I had witness on videos taken on Jan. 6th. and condemn the violence that occurred

Bill (New Hampton) Nov.9,2020: Encourage DEPT OF EDUC Commissioner Edelblut, a great guy, via Exec. Asst. Angela Adams 603 271 3144

Tom: I will paraphrase Bill's emails topics;

NH efforts of English as a second language are disappointing, pronunciation is a big problem that frustrates students, an interactive voice playback could help correct mispronunciations.

Contact ---- ---, Chairman of the Board of -- -- --- --- for details of their education initiative. We can talk about that if you're interested.

Parents who can't afford private schooling should home school, there are free online educational resources from Pre-K to university. E.g., Educational Resources...
, Educational Videos...

Building Codes. Hard to buy houses, real estate prices per square foot are ridiculous. Bill offered to discuss and explain a way to address this to help NH grow!

Tom: Bill, thank you for the links, contacts, info., and the invite to brainstorm to make NH better. I will review and study your your suggestions and make arrangement to meet and discuss your ideas.

Robert's (New Hampton) Dec. 11, 2020: Concern about widespread election fraud and state legislators have the constitutional power to act, Article II, Section 1 to represent lawful voters.

Tom: I am in support of examining NH elections and voting statutes. It had quickly appeared to me that both of NH's main political parties are not interested in "rocking the election boat" and asking the NH SOS and NH ATTY Gen. to confirm that the NH elections are fair with only legal ballots. My belief is that Belknap 1 citizens concerned with election integrity should consider calling / writing their NH party leadership, Governor, Sec. of State, and/or Atty Gen. to inform them to confirm that there are no irregularities in NH elections.
As a freshman NH House Rep., I have a lot learn how the mechanics of deflecting constitutional issues in the House can be over come.

Mike (Center Harbor) Dec.12,2020: Long discussion of the latest NH media's and Republicans' announcements, articles, and LTEs denouncing the Belknap County Delegation.

Tom: A short take on the discussion about the political jabs....
Yes Virginia, there are Republicans working along-side other ideologies against NH conservatives and constitutionals!

I understood that the Dec. 8th county meeting was accessible to the public and the historical amount of the public was present.
With respect for those thinking otherwise and/or a different view of reality. I voted, satisfying the NH Constitutional mandate, to meet before the second Wednesday of Dec. then to recess the public part until a better venue for public input was available, and also to nullify the implied lawsuits which would have been a waste of taxpayers' money if the delegation did not reschedule.

More than half of the delegation wore a face covering.
Though OSHA PPE trainers understand these masks do not prevent the transmission of viruses.

I wear one because I do not wish to add to the population's COVID hysteria nor give the higher levels in the NHGOP leadership additional reasons to divide the membership through shaming.
I recognize the dangers in blind conformity and am not part of NH Government's attempts to further its control over citizens' daily lives.
Do Not Become A Sheep...

My platform was to represent the district's concerns and being asked by Belknap 1 residents who were mortally afraid of the spread of COVID, I wear a face-covering in public. In addition, it should help prevent the spread of some bacteria and a mask is an opportunity to have discussions with pro mask believers about any hypocrisy of saving elderly lives but sanctioning the killing of those yet born.

Jonathan (New Hampton): Questioned the reply about the wearing of masks.

Tom: The social debate on mask effectiveness will continue.
I personally believe that asymptomatic persons have the right to make their own choices.
That said:

The mandate of wearing a mask has not been shown as a Constitutional infringement.
If there is even a slight chance of prevention, the wearing of a mask should be encouraged.
Four persons replied, all were concerned about the not wearing of masks.
I ran on Promising to Represent the District and put the Residents' concerns first therefore I will honor that pledge to support the NH Constitution and the residents' concerns.
Even if asymptomatic I will wear a mask in proximity to others to help prevent both contamination and anxiety.

Will Sent an update of Gov. Sununu's Nov. 19 COVID mask announcement and re-asked his prior question.

Tom: I have campaigned to represent our district and going forth I will devote my time and efforts to the residents of Belknap 1.
Non-residents are asked to contact their elected officials about non-Belknap 1 issues. I may consider time to time to interact with non-residents if deemed relevant.
In regards to the Nov. 19th COVID mask announcement; I have read but not yet researched this latest announcement. It does appear off-hand as another infringement on one's individual rights but not on a Constitutional right as did previous orders.

Will had asked: As our newly elected rep for New Hampton, please explain your philosophy on wearing masks inside (stores)...

Tom: I do not wear a mask for multiple reasons, one of which is that asymptomatic blood donors who tested positive for corona virus antibodies are notified and their blood can now be used to help symptomatic patients Blood Screening Article.... I've practised altruism since 1990 and live my life without fear and suggest that a way for those wishing to help others afflicted with COVID-19 to contact the Red Cross and become a donor. NH Red Cross...

Taxes & Budget:
I will OPPOSE any Income Tax or general Sales Tax.
I will work to remove Capital Gain & Dividend taxes to help NH retired residents.
I support the repeal of the Communication Services Tax and Electricity Consumption Tax.
As a fiscal conservative, I will be a fiduciary to maintain a sound and secure revenue structure to provide the state funds for balanced budgets.
The state can not keep spending, bonding, and legislating unfunded mandates and downshifting expenses by continuing to reduce funding to towns that drive up property taxes and mortgages for future generations.
I will only vote on a balanced budget not funded by a general Income Tax or Sales Tax.

Regulations & Business:
I will NOT vote for new regressive regulations which prevent responsible individuals, families, and business the opportunity to prosper and live freer with less governmental intrusions in their daily lives.

2nd Amendment:
I support the US Constitution 2nd Amendment and for an unrestricted NH Article 2-a to freely exercise the right to keep and bear arms. I will fight to repeal the existing state infringements on the 2nd A.

Law Enforcement:
I DO NOT support even the notion of Defunding the Police!
I oppose influences and organizations attacking our First Responders and New Hampshire safety values.
With 44 years as a First Responder, working closely with Law Enforcement, I support the Police and accountability of all parties.
I Do Not support Police abuse. I will support legal protection for both Law Enforcement in reporting of misconduct with the ranks and for Department Heads for the removal of personnel.
New Hampshire Law Enforcement's primary Constitutional responsibility is the Protection of Live, Liberty, Property, and the prevention of imminent harm.
I believe in Peace Officers and Constitutional Sheriffs.
I will be pro-active in educating police officials of their oath to the Constitution and their Duty not to
enforce un-Constitutional statues, laws, and ordinances

Quality education is the goal of both the State and parents.
Parents are responsible for the education of their children and have the responsibility to decide the best avenue and education for their child.
The State must guaranty the availability of quality education and standardize testing.
Educational funding needs to be allocated to the student, not institutions.
I support school-choice and allow students to learn at the level of their ability.

I am concern with many of the problems that are affecting the quality of our Lakes Region:
levels of lead (loons, children)
environment mercury and cadmium
submerged utilities
wake boats
invasive species

I believe they need to be discussed and ask organizations and residents to assist me to bring forth potential environmental hazards and a common-sense approach in addressing the issue.

Paid Family Leave:
I am open to a voluntary paid family leave program with a manageable op in/out provision.

General Court:
I pledge:
As Belknap District 1 Representative I will attempt to make every vote and committee meeting.
I will represent all of the residents, the district, the NH Lakes Region, and the state of New Hampshire.
I will be available weekly to meet and listen to residents.
I will refrain from Concord & D.C. political parties' rhetoric or resistance and will work with all others on non-restrictive Constitutional bills.

I am eager to listen to your questions and expectations.
* Click on NEWS... for information of my Tentative decisions.