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Tom looks forward to hearing from residents of Center Harbor and New Hampton of what is expected from their representatives and asks voters to contact him as soon as an issue or concern is recognized so he can best serve the district by working together on topics from the beginning.

As an analytic research scientist, Tom is the best candidate to represent the district by focusing on data, needs, and funding to maintain the social services and improvement in our infrastructure while addressing the state debt from the COVID-19 shutdown. Tom, a former UAW union member of 15 years, assistant manager of family businesses, and
salaried scientist in both research and supervision of union associates has the experience and understanding of the many levels of employment.

Tom acknowledges the obligation that the constituent's issues and concerns be heard.
Tom pledges that he:
supports quality education
is against new taxes
support constitutional rights and representative government
represents Belknap Dist.1 and its residents first
supports an efficient social safety net
will attend all NH House votes
will run a positive campaign.

Belknap District 1 has the opportunity to elect Tom to represent them so their views and ideas can be heard. This election is a chance for the voter to decide if the district would be better served by one who represents the residents or one who represents a political party's national agenda.

Reach out and contact Tom to share your ideas and expectations.

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I am honored to ask the residents of New Hampton and Center Harbor's Belknap 1 House District for their vote in the September 8th Primary Election.

I am best defined as a fiscal constitutional in both my personal and public life with the belief that it is the residents's issues that a representative should be bringing to Concord. I Do Not wish to be involved in any Political Party’s Rhetoric or to Control Responsible Residents.

I will interact with and make myself available to all residents, businesses, and NH organizations and Believe in Listening to all points of view and to Learn how best to keep the Lakes Region and New Hampshire as one of the highest-rated places to live while working towards continued improvements for our Residents and Businesses.

Robert Heinlein had expressed both my beliefs nicely: - "Political tags such as Royalist, Communist, Democrat, Populist, Fascist, Liberal, Conservative, and so forth are never Basic Criteria. The Human Race divides Politically into Those who want People to be Controlled and Those Who have no such Desire".
"I never Learned From a Man who agreed with Me."

I retired from Uniroyal Specialty Chemicals-Compton Corp. as an analytic research scientist in FT-IR and microscopy spectroscopy having a chemical engineering degree. My employment was in spectroscopy, gravimetric, chromatography, FT-IR, synthesis research, product development and quality control, and in supervising union associates.
Prior employments consists of a line operator and operations machine's set-up as a union member of United Auto Workers (UAW 626) with NDH-General Motors, a foundry worker, farmhand, grounds-keeper along with the operation of family businesses as an employee, purchaser/buyer, and assistant manager.

My work with family business owners, salaried associates, union employees, and a supervisor of union employees along with working out of doors on construction sites, dairy, and hog farms provided me with a greater understanding of those interpersonal and professional skills needed in assisting others in order to accomplish goals be it dirty farm-work, sweaty job-sites or in an air-conditioned office.
I had been active in community involvement consisting of providing over forty years of hands-on care to patients and their family as a volunteer ambulance EMT along as a volunteer fire personnel and emergency dispatcher in addition to being a Lions Club member.
I have served as a member of towns’ planning board, commission, and trustees.

I understand how data and business situations can be used in ways to bias decisions and beliefs and I plan to work with others for an efficient legislature and continue our District's historical representation of refraining from the political rhetoric.

We, my wife Marta and family, live in Center Harbor. Blessed with the joy of having four children and three grandchildren. We also enjoy gardening and our family's dog, cats, and chickens as pets. Having been an avid backpacker and motorcyclist, I enjoy outdoor recreation and animal husbandry.

I believe in the Creator and attempt to follow the teachings of the Bible.

Thank you for visiting. Your issues, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed.


— Tom Ploszaj